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[ NIDI Apartment ]
> Architect: Elina Kritikou - Kenzo Yamashita
> Type: Renovation
> Areas: 230 Sq.m.
> Location: Nicosia - Cyprus
> Client:  Private
> Design: 2012 - 2013
> Stage: Completed 


NIDI Apartment is a renovation project involving the unification of two existing apartments in the Kaimakli area of Nicosia. Due to the economic crisis in Cyprus, rather than building a new house, the clients have decided to unify and extend two apartments at the top floor of a building in Nicosia, thus creating one big Loft.

The building, a 1980’s construction, had a landing at the end of the common staircase that lead to the entrances of the two apartments, one on the left and the other on the right. In order to unify the space, a single entrance had to be created. Due to the fact that the provision for the elevator that would be serving the Loft /Apartment was at the right side of the building, the architects had no choice but to place the Loft entrance at the left side of the landing.

The Entrance was implemented by entering a common multiuse space that the clients could use as a library, a relax room, a dining room, a playroom, a cinema room, a pool room or anything else that matched their needs at any time. The existence in the house of an empty space with the potential of different uses provides flexibility to the residents, as it allows the ability of different use of the space as the residents needs change over the years.

The main concept was the creation of two main spaces, one at the left and the other at the right part of the Apartment. These spaces are connected by a linear space area, which hosts all the secondary facilities like guests w.c. , storage and laundry room. With this concept all the secondary facilities were concentrated in the middle of the Apartment where there was no natural light and ventilation thus allowing maximum use of the natural lighting and ventilation by the main spaces.

The linear connecting area is minimal, with the use of white colour, light gray epoxy floor and mirror in order to make the space look wider and with a linear furniture that exaggerates the perspective angle of the corridor and provides extra storage. This connecting point is a unique experience that ends in a grey contemporary kitchen space.

As a way of separating the use and the atmosphere of the different spaces, the level of the salon and dining room was placed a bit lower. For the everyday Salon and Dining room more earthy materials were used thus creating a more cosy and familiar ambiance. Wood, white stone and warm lighting have been used for the two main spaces. Between the Corridor and they Salon space, EKKY studio created a bar space. At the level of the corridor, the furniture was a low counter and at the level of the salon/dining room it was a bar with high stools. In this way a close relationship between the two spaces was achieved.

The creation of two totally different type of spaces, the white contemporary linear connecting space and the more cosy and familiar main spaces, was the architects’ way of creating a unique experience while walking through the apartment, with every step forward providing a new surprise.

The private spaces are well hidden and as far as possible from the common use areas. You can enter the private spaces only from one opening in the middle of the minimal corridor. The separation of the common space and the bedroom provides more privacy and isolation to the residents of the house. The apartment has three bedrooms with the master being en suite and with a walking closet while there is a common bathroom for the other two bedrooms.

The many small verandas of the old apartments were cancelled and a big common veranda that connects the kitchen with the salon was created in order to give a stronger relation between the indoor and outdoor space. The wooden frame provided in the Salon serves as a sitting bench for kids and makes the green area of the veranda look like a natural painting.

This Design of EKKY studio, is aiming at creating an apartment that is thoroughly modern, yet retains a vintage feel brimming with texture and character.