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> Architect: Kenzo Yamashita - Elina Kritikou
> Type: Refurbishment
> Area: 200 Sq.m.
> Location: Nicosia - Cyprus
> Design: 2012 - 2015
> Stage: Completed
> Client: Private

> Pictures: Black Carrot Production


The ground floor has an existing house. The construction of the first and second floors stopped around 1995.The main structure, a sloped roof and the walls, existed. The client, a young female, wanted to change the original design in order to have better use of the space and a more youthful and fun design.

The main staircase of the house, as well as the plans of both floors, was redesigned. A coffee area was created next to the open plan kitchen. A vertical wall separates the living room from the kitchen and the coffee room. This wall was designed as double face furniture. In the living room there is television furniture with space for all necessary electrical equipment and on the other side there is colourful furniture with open and closed storage spaces. The composition of the furniture and the playfulness of the colours has also been used on the lower elongated furniture that runs throughout the first level .The aim was to connect the spaces by repeating the materials and elements of the design. The 11 m long furniture provides buffet and storage space across the flat. The wooden floor, the wooden staircase and a big island made of used wood in the kitchen are giving a cosy touch to the space.

The wall of the entrance continues creating the background of the hanging staircase and a hidden door that leads to the toilet. The vintage style material on that wall gives a nostalgic atmosphere to the loft.

At the second floor, three bedrooms, the master being en suite, a common bathroom and a laundry room were created. In two of the bedrooms, the potential extra space due to height of the sloped roof was taken advantage of by creating an extra mezzanine in each room that serves as a play area in one of the bedrooms and as an office in the master bedroom.

The character and the personal style of the owner have been reflected in this project and the result was a playful youthful atmosphere with a vintage contemporary touch.