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[ BOJO Boutique ]
> Architect: Elina Kritikou - Kenzo Yamashita
> Type: Retail
> Location: Nicosia - Cyprus
> Area: 30 Sq.m.
> Client: Bojo Boutique
> Construction: December 2010


The new Bojo  boutique, opened on December 2010, is located at Stasikratous street in the heart of the Nicosia fashion district. The store at the corner of Stasikratous and Promitheos streets, has been filled with light and geometrical illusions, maintaining the maximum clarity of form. Thanks to this solution, the shape and quality of the interior space changed dramatically.

The architects had to solve a series of questionings regarding the proposition for the new Bojo shop. They had to consider the small size of the space, the tight deadline and the low budget in order to achieve the best possible value. The design and the construction process had to be accomplished within a 4-week period and the aim was to create an attractive and functional space for the owners and the clients.

To handle these challenges, EKKY studio carefully studied all the potential of the space.

Inspired by the angular simplicity of origami, with geometrical abstract shapes and strong lines, they created a conceptual shop with the diagonal axes giving a perspective illusion of the space. The decision of designing elements that are wrapping around the walls was taken in order to accomplish the maximum usable space.

The architects succeeded in proposing repetitive elements individually designed that are wrapping the interior and are creating angles and geometrical diagonals. The clothes are presented between the wrapping elements like pieces of art in a gallery.

The ambient lighting at the suspending ceiling between the large geometric cut-outs provides a theatrical glow from the top thus accentuating the concept of repetition.
The perspective effect of the rotated striped elements is extended at the back of the shop by a large mirror, allowing the design and space to appear endless.

The hanging system coming from the ceiling at the shop window is creating a simple way to highlight the femininity and lightness of the clothes.
By keeping the materials used for the boutique simple and through the interesting combinations of shapes and light, a minimal ambiance is given to the interior. The choice of materials is restrained and deliberate.
The original facade had to be maintained but the interior vestibule has been utilized, bringing the shop forward and allowing clear views of the interior from the street.  Bojo is a stylized space reflecting a vibrant, bustling and funky atmosphere.
The aim of the practice is to create spaces that are visionary and conceptual and yet meet the practical needs of the client.